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Choose 1 from the list below.Due Friday March, 9

Be Creative: Try to incorporate Shakespearean Language into your project.
Using the Books Creator App on the iPad you will be creating an iBook on one of the 3 topics listed below.

1. William Shakespeare's Life & Influence
2. The Globe Theater
3. The Elizabethan Era

Your book must include all of the following:

  • Cover page with the
    • Title of your book
    • Author (your name)
    • Your period number
    • 1-2 images that represent the book
  • Table of contents
  • At least 6 pages that creatively and accurately represent your chosen topic
    • Include at least 2 images per page
    • 1 paragraph written in your own words

You should use the information you learned from the Web Quest as your research, but you MUST write the book in your own words. You can cite information using quotations, but you must provide explanations for the quotations.

The images you use can be taken using Google images, or other search engines, but you cannot use the images used in the Web Quest.

Write the book as if you were teaching someone about your topic. How can you make your topic entertaining? Be creative.